Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Mrs. Gertrude Tompkins Silver and the WASP
Veterans Day Ceremony and Dedication - November 11, 2008


Bronze memorial plaque honoring Gertrude Tompkins Silver now on display at the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center at LAX.

Fifinella, the WASP mascot.


Honorable discharge and medals awarded posthumously to WASP Gertrude Tompkins Silver.

WASP Betty Jane Williams on 11/11/08 as keynote speaker.


Betty Jane Williams died on 12/8/08 following complications related to a massive stroke she suffered on 11/12/08. She will be well remembered and much beloved for her service to our Nation both as a WWII WASP pilot and as a Lt. Col. USAFR (Ret.). The above photo was taken on 11/11/08 when Betty Jane was the keynote speaker at a Veterans Day ceremony honoring missing WASP pilot Gertrude Tompkins Silver. Betty Jane Williams is center in the photo with fellow WASP Ty Killen, left, and Violet Cowden on the right. Godspeed Betty Jane as you fly your P-40 over St. Peter’s gates. (Pat J. Macha photo)

Betty Jane Williams dies at 89;
WASP test pilot during WWII
LATimes obituary

WASP Betty Jane Williams and G. Pat Macha.

U.S. Army Chaplin, Captain Jeffery W. Clemens is the man whose vision and financial support made the 11/11/08 event possible.

WASP Vi Cowden

WASP Pearl Brumett Judd.

The WASP banner.

On 11/11/08 a group of distinguished WASP WWII pilots gathered for a Veterans Day Ceremony at the Proud Bird Restaurant near LAX. From left to right are Ty Killen, Vi Cowden, Betty Jane Williams, Dr. Mary Lamy, Margaret “Pinky” Weiss, Dawn Seymour, Alyce Stevens Rohrer, and Pearl Brummett Judd. (P. J.  Macha photo)


Betty Jane Williams, vocalist Rebecca Ravenshaw, and Vi Cowden.

Betty Jane Williams talking to Duncan Miller, who flew with Gertrude Tompkins Silver.

Ken Whittall-Scherfee, next-of-kin to Gertrude Tompkins Silver, Betty Jane Williams, and G. P. Macha.

A gathering of WWII heroes and heroines.

Jeff Grubb, MIA/POW speaker and G. P. Macha


The 10,000th Vultee BT-13A being accepted by a WASP at the Vultee Plant in Downey, California.

The WASP pilot is believed to be Barbara London.

Press Release for Veteran's Day Memorial Ceremony

On Veterans Day November 11, 2008 a luncheon will be held at the Proud Bird Restaurant to honor all WWII WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), including those thirty-eight who lost their lives in the line of duty, and to especially honor the memory of Gertrude Tompkins Silver. Gertrude disappeared on October 24, 1944 after taking off from what is now LAX in a factory fresh P-51D Mustang fighter plane.  She is the only missing WASP pilot. A bronze memorial plaque will be dedicated at the luncheon and placed at the LAX Flight Path Museum and Learning Center for permanent display. Attendees will include Gertrude’s next of kin, WASP pilots, representatives of city, county, and state governments, as well as the armed forces, aviation industry, and the Gertrude Tompkins Silver search team members.

This event is sponsored through the efforts of U. S. Army Chaplin Jeffery W. Clemens now serving in Afghanistan, in partnership with the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center, the Western Museum of Flight, and G. Pat Macha coordinator.


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