Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



California Army National Guard Lieutenants Thomas R. Wolf and Raymond S. Price lost their lives while flying over the rugged mountains of Ventura County on April 15, 1961. 60% of the L-19A remains at the site as of 1/29/11. Poison Oak and steep terrain made reaching the wreckage difficult. Our hiking guide was Marc McDonald, and we are indebted to him.


California Army National Guard pilot Lt. Raymond S. Price, though not in uniform, strikes a dramatic pose. Lt. Price lost his life on 4/15/61 in the crash of a Cessna L-19A in the rugged mountains of Ventura County north of Fillmore. (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Price via Marc McDonald)

Marc McDonald and Pat J. Macha stand next to the wings of a California Army National Guard Cessna L-19A that crashed on 4/15/61 killing both crewmen. (G.Pat Macha photo)

Pat J. Macha holds a horizontal stabilizer, note the original red paint faded by time and fire. (G.P. Macha photo)



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