Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

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7/23/60. North American B-25J N34466 crashed at the bottom of Mill Canyon while on a fire-fighting mission. Site is at 4,500' level and is unmarked and visible NW of Wrightwood, Ca.

3/7/62. Vultee BT-13 N57226 crashed in San Francisco Canyon in bad weather, killing the pilot. Wreckage is removed.


2/9/70. Beechcraft Bonanza N618V hit Iron Mountain at 7,400' level in snowstorm. Although the wreckage is intact, it was not survivable for the pilot. Wreckage was marked but may have been removed.

3/16/83. Cessna 340 N98621 hit Mendenall Peak at 4,600' level, killing three persons. Site is located in Noel Canyon and wreck is removed.

While searching the eastern central portion of Santa Cruz Island, I found a U.S. Raytheon Sparrow air-to-air missile with a live warhead. I promptly notified the U.S. Navy at Pt. Mugu.
(G. Pat Macha)

North American O-47A serial number 37-380 flipped over while landing at dirt strip near Saragosa, Texas on 10/19/39.

Over application of brakes was cited as the probable cause for the accident that slightly injured two crewmen.

The O-47A was assigned to the 22nd Observation Squadron, and the accident occurred during U. S. Army field maneuvers.


3/4/49. Vought F4U-4 U.S.M.C. #97448 crashed on Santa Cruz Island in bad weather killing the pilot. Wreck is near Scorpion Ranch. Wreck is scattered over a wide area.


8/24/61. North American T-6G USFS N188C hit SW slope of Frazier Mountain, killing both men on board. Parts remain visible at 7,000' level and are unmarked. A rattlesnake in the cockpit is the factor that may have caused this plane to crash. Some salvage is reported on this wreck in 1994.
Pat J. Macha at crash site on Frazier Mountain.

12/14/61. Douglas C-47 USAF crashed in Hagador Canyon on the east slope of the Santa Ana Mountains. Three men died when their Air Force Reserve aircraft went down in bad weather. This site is marked and visible, Photo depicts empennage without horizontal and vertical stabilizers.


5/24/53. Beechcraft Bonanza NC-8449A crashed in storm, killing the pilot and passenger. Wreck is located north of Horseshoe Lake is unmarked and both wings are visible at the 9,500' level SE of Mammoth Mountain. Engine and tail are removed but site is a half mile hike and worth the trip as of 8/98.

2/20/64. Douglas A-4E #150077 US Navy crashed in bad weather, killing pilot. Site is located south of June Lake on east end of Rainbow Ridge. Wreck is unmarked and scattered. Photo shows G. Pat Macha with rudder.

Grumman F6F-5K #79063 one of four that crashed on San Nicholas Island in the 1950's.


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