Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

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Tail assembly of Cessna 182B N2569G that disappeared on 12/31/94, and was finally located on 9/25/95. (Photo by P.J. Macha)

The long silent Continental 0-470 engine with propeller still attached. The pilot had departed Cable Airport with no flight plan filed on a solo local area flight. Weather was a factor in this fatal accident. (Photo P.J. Macha)

Aerial view of Cessna 182B tail assembly during a flyby in July 2010 (Photo G.P. Macha)

Widely scattered wreckage of Sikorsky CH-54A N64KL found on the Mojave Desert. The three man crew were killed following separation of a main rotor blade on 7/18/98. Note part of the anti-torque tail rotor blade. (G.P. Macha photo)

Crash site of Convair JF-106A 57-02338 confirmed on Mojave Desert. The proof is in the prefix number, 8-. The Edwards FTC based Delta Dart crashed following successful pilot ejection on December 6, 1965. (G.P. Macha)



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