Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

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  Additional links to European aircraft sites 


Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields


Aeroseek - Aviation Search Engine and Directory


American Aviation Historical Society  checkit.gif (221 bytes)


AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association  checkit.gif (221 bytes)


Arizona Aircraft Archaeology
Project Remembrance Affiliate
Book Available
This book details the actual accounts of 20 military aircraft crashes that occurred in the remote deserts and  rugged highlands of Arizona from 1942-1977. Each story looks into the events leading up to and after the  crash, and describes what is left at the site today. These facts are corroborated by newly-declassified, old  government documents, personal visits to the crash sites, and interviews with surviving crewman and families.


Arizona Wrecks


Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History


AAIR - Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research
 Recommended source for accident reports and more


Aviation Archaeology in Maine


Aviation History of Southern California


Bent Prop Project


Blue Penguin


Bringing Jerry Home


Excellent collection of WWII era aircraft wreck parts, and much more.


Colorado & Wyoming Aircraft Wreckchasing


Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency


  Gold Star Family Research and Memorials 


Joe Idoni Wreck Sites


Lost Birds


Lost Squadron


Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen


MIA Recoveries


Michigan Aviation Archaeology


Missing Air Crew


Nebraska's Fatal Air Crash Sites of WWII




Pacific Wreck Database


Planes of Fame Air Museum  checkit.gif (221 bytes)


San Diego Air and Space Museum checkit.gif (221 bytes)


Sea-Tech Exploration


Sikorsky HRS Database Page


Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum  checkit.gif (221 bytes)


Stratus Project
New search effort to be launched for Amelia Earhart




Recommended site for underwater aircraft wrecks


Washington Wreck Chasing


Western Museum of Flight  checkit.gif (221 bytes)


Wreck Chasing


The X-Hunters
Aerospace Archeology Team


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