Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



In June 2015 a group of twelve volunteers created a memorial honoring the crew of USAF Boeing B-47E 51-7042 that crashed in the Pequop Mountains on July 18, 1957 killing the crew of three. The crash site is located in a remote area southeast of Wells, Nevada. The plaque was supplied by John Craycraft, the son of Capt. Robert E. Craycraft, the observer aboard 51-7042. Jason Watt of Boise, Idaho was the project mastermind, and he supplied the base for the plaque to be mounted on. Those who assisted in this effort were: John Craycroft (in blue shirt), Mr. & Mrs. John Craycroft, Dave Trojan, Sam Parker, Dave Schwartz, John Wirt, Jerry Bowen, Jeff Blackmon, Vicki, and Dave McCurry. (Photos and story courtesy Dave McCurry)



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