Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Thomas F. Gossett Remembrance, 1955 - 2009


Thomas F. Gossett died on 5/26/09. He will be mightily missed by his family, friends, and all those who asked for his assistance to find the plane wrecks that mostly only he had visited in the wilds of Inyo, Kern, and San Bernardino Counties.

Tom was a noted hiker, peak bagger, and finder of old plane wrecks. Tom's one day, alpine style climb to reach the "Gambler's Special" north of Mt. Whitney has made him a legend in the wreck chasing community. Tom's solo dirt bike tracks can still be seen on the vast Mojave Desert reminding us of his many searches there. Goodbye old friend, you are the Sky Rider.

Tom, at the crash site of Douglas A-4E Bu No 150089, that went down in Lovelace Canyon, following successful pilot ejection on 9/8/70.

(G. P. Macha photo circa 1992)



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