Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Project Remembrance


David P. Cooley was a 1982 Air Force Academy graduate whose distinguished career included his assignment to the 445th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base. Lt. Colonel Cooley performed flight tests in the F-15, F-117, and RU-38. Following his retirement from the Air Force he joined the Lockheed Martin Corporation where he was a test pilot in the F-22 Raptor program. On 3/25/09 David Cooley was flying F-22A 91-4008 through a high speed, high performance series of test maneuvers. While he was attempting to recover from a high g dive David Cooley ejected, but tragically it was outside of the ejection seat design envelope, and he was killed. In the Fall of 2013 members of the Project Remembrance Team visited the crash site of 91-4008 to pay their respects to the service and sacrifice of David P. Cooley. During the site visit Tony Accurso, joined by his daughter Evelyn, flew a radio controlled F-22 Raptor model saluting the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Cooley.


Tony Accurso, who served at Edwards Flight Test Center, his daughter Evelyn, and G. Pat Macha stand near a memorial to test pilot, and Air Force Officer
David P. Cooley. (Photo by Tom Maloney)



Former Air Force C-130 Crew Chief, David Mihalik holding the RC F-22 model, and retired Orange County Park Ranger Tom Maloney honor the contributions and service of Lt. Col. David P. Cooley. (Photo by G.P. Macha)

Tony Accurso’s F-22 flying model, and memorial made by persons unknown, honoring Lt. Col. David C. Cooley. (Photo by G.P. Macha)


Radio controlled model of the F-22 Raptor flown by Tony Accurso during the Fall 2013 memorial fly-over near the crash site of F-22 91-4008. (Photo Courtesy David Mihalik)


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