Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West


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ID plate from B-24E #42-7126 U.S.A.A.F.

Consolidated B-24E #427126 U.S.A.A.F. crashed in bad weather on 3/3/44 killing the four man flight crew. The wreckage was not located until 5/6/44 N.E. of Sugarpine Mountain at 4,400' level. B-24E #42-7126 had been enroute from Blythe Army Airbase to San Bernardino Army Air Facility when it crashed. #42-7126 was assigned 358th Combat Crew Training School. The pilot was 2nd Lt. Allen S. Hasson, 2nd Lt. Edgar Land co-pilot, S/Sgt. Robert D. Kirk and S/Sgt. William C. De Cou. Their official mission was "ferrying the B-24E to depot"

Metal salvagers worked the crash site sometime in the early 1960's resulting in the removal of 95% of the wreckage via mule train. In 1999 a hiker found a bone at the site thought to have been human. This discovery led to a through site search by the San Bernardino County Coroner's Office and the placing of a memorial plaque honoring the crew of #42-7126.

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San Bernardino County Coroners place memorial plaque.


Close-up of memorial plaque.
"In honor of those who perished in the line of duty"
"The crew of B-24E Liberator"
2nd Lt, Allen S. Hansen, 2nd Lt. Edgar Land, S/Sgt. Robert D. Kirk, S/Sgt. William C. De Cou

"They gave their full measure of devotion"  1999

Excavating the impact site.

G. Pat Macha holding housing to .50 cal. machine gun found at site.

Artifacts recovered at site.


G. Pat Macha holding assembly from cockpit of B-24E.

Pat J. Macha and Rob Hill with landing gear.


  On 2/16/14 Pat J. Macha, Chris LeFave, and Mike Polley hiked to the B-24E that crashed on 3/3/44 east of Cajon Pass in a remote part the San Bernardino National Forest. The crash site remains undisturbed since our last visitation on 7/10/99, except for the inexcusable attempted vandalism to the memorial plaque. All photos are courtesy Pat J. Macha and Chris LeFave. 

Someone attempted to remove the memorial plaque, how disgusting and disrespectful

Part of the turbo supercharger assembly.

Mike Polley and Chris LeFave with main landing gear leg.

The prefix 28 was assigned to the PBY Catalina, and this part was common to the B-24 series whose prefix is 32 followed by a letter of the alphabet. Common anility of parts saved time and money during WWII when mass production in a timely manner was essential to the war effort.

Pat J. Macha with main landing gear. (Photo by Chris LeFave)

Interesting panel found on 2/16/14 re-visit to B-24E 42-7126 lost on 3/3/44. (Photo by Pat J. Macha)



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