Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West





BT-13B on 10/2/44

USAAF 2nd Lt. William J. Mann was one lucky pilot when he crashed landed this Vultee BT-13B in the rugged San Jacinto Mountains on 10/2/44. What does this wreck look like today? We hope to find out in the near future. (Photo USAF Official via AAIR)

BT-13B on 10/3/2010

On Sunday, October 3rd pilots Chris LeFave and Bruce Guberman flew an early morning search mission that lead to the discovery of BT-13B 42-90401. After a frustrating hour of searching Chris and Bruce decided give the suspect area one more pass, and Bruce spotted the BT hidden in a very hard to see place. Several additional passes over the target have provided more photos, some of which will appear here at a later time. (Photo by Chris LeFave)

On 1/16/11 a 3rd over flight of Vultee BT-13B 42-90401 was made via Bell/Textron Long Ranger. Team members included Bruce Guberman, Dave Mihalik, Chris LeFave, and G. Pat Macha. (C. LeFave photo)




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