Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Cessna 182C


11/10/69. Cessna 182C N8916T

This aircraft was en route from Big Bear Lake to Torrance, Ca. when the crash occurred, killing both persons on board. Weather was a factor in this accident. Another light plane located east of N8916T is yet to be positively identified, but it appears to be a Piper PA-28. 10% to 15% of this aircraft remains today on the south slope of Gold Mountain. Wreckage seems to date from the 60's-70's era. Any information appreciated. The crash site is located at 34 16' 39"N & 116 52' 51"W near Bertha Peak. The wreck is marked, with 75% of the aircraft remaining as of the winter 1998.


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View of crash site NW of Big Bear Lake Airport.

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Wing of N8916T with X's indicating wreck has been found and need not be reported. Red or orange paint is usually used to mark a wreck, but in this case a brown spray was used.


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My brother-in-law Bob Lank holds nose gear of N8916T.

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Bob Lank stands amid wreckage of Cessna 182C. The mixed pine forest at the crash site makes this site difficult to spot without GPS lock.



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