Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



On 10/5/45 a Curtiss C-46A #41-5190 U.S.A.A.F hit the west peak of 10,064' Mt. San Antonio in the San Gabriel Mountains killing the crew of three. Part of the wreck including the outer right wing section is located on the south slope of the mountain. The bulk of the C-46A catapulted over the mountain and is scattered down the very steep north slope, with large sections hung up in rock out crops. In summer months after the snow melts the wreckage on the north slope is highly visible and is referred to as the "three o'clock shine" by local forest rangers. Weather was a factor m this tragic accident. Had the pilot been fifty to sixty feet higher he would have cleared the summit ridge.


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View of crash site looking south from Guffy Campground. Photo taken 8/20/01.

 c46a2.jpg (108468 bytes)

Outer wing section on south slope of Mt. San Antonio.

c46a3.jpg (126453 bytes)

Trailing edge of wing including part of landing gear on north slope.

c46a4.jpg (173049 bytes)

Patric J. Macha and prop blade of #41-5190 on the north slope at 9,800' level.



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