Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Cessna 170A
March 2, 1957


Cessna 170A N1391D vanished on March 2, 1957 en route from LAX with four persons on board bound for Thermal, CA via Palm Springs, CA. No trace of N1391D was found until October 17, 1973. Full story available in Historic Aircraft Wrecks of San Bernardino County. The Project Remembrance Team visited the crash site on August 14, 2013.


Destroyed remains of the 145 h.p. Continental C145-2 six cylinder engine.

Wing tip of the white and yellow Cessna 170A (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Landing gear leg from C-170A. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Rudder pedals in smashed cockpit interior. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Horizontal stabilizer with elevators attached. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Interior of cockpit cabin door. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Continental engine cylinder head cover. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)

Exterior cabin entrance foot step attached to smashed fuselage of Cessna 170A. (Photo courtesy Pat J. Macha)


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