Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West





Thanks to the search efforts of Lewis Shorb I was finally able to visit the crash site of American Airlines DC-3 NC16017 "Connecticut" that crashed on 10/23/42 following a mid-air collision with a USAAF Lockheed B-34 near Palm Springs, California.

Tragically all twelve passengers and crew of NC16017 died, but the B-34 limped into Palm Springs Airport to make a safe landing. The Army B-34 pilot was attempting to say "hello" to the AAL Captain, whom he knew, when he got too close. (G. P. Macha photo)


Wreckage from DC-3 N16017 still litters the boulder strewn mountainside where it crashed on 10/23/42. About 1% of the aircraft remains today. Many of the DC-3 parts show evidence of fire that consumed it on impact, however parts associated with the tail assembly still exhibit the orange trim paint used by American Airlines today. (G. P. Macha photo)

Jammed between the rocks at the main impact of DC-3 NC16017 are pieces of wreckage with the distinctive orange paint used by American Airlines then and now. (P.J. Macha photo)




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