Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



A routine training mission ended in an accident on December 7, 1967 when two Republic F-105D Thunderchief  fighter bombers were practicing combat tactics over a remote area of  the Sequoia National Forest south of Lake Isabella, California. One of the F-105s flown by USAF Major Robert Delaney entered a nose high flat spin from which recovery was not possible. Major Delaney made a successful ejection and was promptly rescued, but his aircraft remained missing for some time due to the rugged terrain and subsequent snowfalls. The wreckage of Republic F-105D #61-0059 was finally discovered early in 1968. Bruce Basura and Doug Crawford visited the crash site in 2006 and is kind enough to share his photos with us. This wreck is unmarked. The remarkable 60s Viet Nam era camouflage still looks new today even after 40 years of exposure to the elements. The remains of #61-0059 are very hard to find today.
All photos courtesy of Bruce Basura.


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Afterburner nozzle.

Engine components.

Assorted parts.

Horizontal stabilizer.

Engine and empennage structure.

Good view of rugged terrain in the Sequoia National Forest.



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