Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



The Mojave Desert around Edwards AFB and once active George AFB is littered with the wreckage of aircraft dating back to the 1940's. Among my recent site visitations are the remains of a Lockheed JF-104A #56-758 USAF flown by Capt. C. H. Segrest. #56-758 crashed 12 miles NE of Boron following successful pilot ejection. This accident was attributed to an uncommanded pitchup. Wreckage is scattered over several acres with some fuselage parts displaying the red and white color scheme used by aircraft assigned to Edwards AFB.
Special thanks to Walt Witherspoon for assisting with this story.


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The red and white on this piece of JF-104A indicates that it was a test aircraft assigned to Edwards.

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The JF-104A is scattered over several acres of desert, with about 5% of the plane remaining today.

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More wreckage of Lockheed JF-104A.

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Lockheed JF-104A wreckage photographed in the winter of 2002.


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