Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



Shortly before 8 am on the morning of August 19, 1944, B-24J #42-50834, with the 422nd Base Unit, took off from Tonopah Army Air Field, NV, on a local training flight.  After circling the field, the instructor pilot attempted to demonstrate emergency procedures for engine failure during landing by cutting power to two engines on final approach.  The aircraft stalled, spun in from low altitude, and exploded on contact with the ground.  All nine crew members were killed.  Site visited 11/13/14.  Special thanks to Allen Metscher and Dave Mihalik for help with locating this site. 


Instructor Pilot              1st Lt. Charles H. Enoch           Wichita, KS
Pilot                               F/O John E. Davis                     Laurelton, NY
Co-pilot                         F/O Johhnie W. Mundell          Ventura, CA
Instructor Engineer        S/Sgt. Thomas D. Brown         Seattle, WA      
Engineer                        Cpl. Dennis J. Reardon            Worcester, MA
Assistant Engineer        Cpl. Richard D. Stringer          Claremont, NH
Gunner                          Pfc. Junnal E. Tank                  Clintonville, WI
Gunner                          Pfc. Walter K. Von Schenk      Minneapolis, MN
Gunner                          Pfc. Robert E. Pariseau           Cleveland, OH


Flight Officer Johnnie W. Mundell, co-pilot on B-24J 42-50834.





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