Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Maule M-4 Date Unknown

Dune buggy riders in the Glamis Dunes of Imperial County have known for years about a small wrecked light aircraft covered in yellow fabric. A flurry of recent site visitations and postings on social media may have caused the BLM to remove the wreckage in the first week of 2018. The mystery aircraft is a Maule M-4 Rocket built in the 1960’s. The pilot at the time of the M-4 crash was supposedly Marty “Madcap” McMaster. The M-4 was reported stolen in August 1992, but the month, day, and year of the accident is not known at this time. The N number and manufacturers serial number are not known at this time, and any additional information would be appreciated in an effort to solve this Glamis Dunes crash site mystery.


Photos Courtesy Carl & Bethany Cool
Special thanks to Dennis Richardson
for background info on this story.





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