Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



On the morning of August 1, 1944, Lt. Robert W. Froelich took off from Pocatello Army Air Base, ID, as part of a two-plane flight headed for the Aberdeen Gunnery Range for air-to-ground gunnery practice.  He was assigned to Training Section D of the 265th Base Unit, and was at the controls of P-47D #42-28230.  During his fifth pass, while pulling out of a dive and firing on a target, his right wing clipped the ground.  The aircraft cartwheeled, and burst into flame.  Lt. Froelich was thrown clear of the wreckage but did not survive.  A tailwind was found to be a factor in the accident.  Site visited on 3/19/16.  Special thanks to Charlie Shackleford and Les Howell for help with locating this site.

Lt. Robert W. Froelich, age 27, of Hayes, Kansas.

Charlie Shackleford, age 82, eyewitness to the accident at age 10.


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