Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West




On December 12, 1940 two U.S. Navy Douglas TBD-1 torpedo bombers collided in a remote area of eastern San Diego County, CA. Five crewmen parachuted to safety, and tragically one did not. Parts of one of these historic aircraft were photographed in February 2014. Shown here is the top of the port wing tip still wearing the yellow paint applied so long ago. Please note the unbroken light bulb despite a nearly 10,000 descent. Planning is underway to map these historic sites, and more photos will be shown at a later date without background references to better protect the crash sites of Bu 0292, and 0373. (Photo courtesy Don Endicott)

Port wing aileron, minus fabric covering, from a Douglas TBD-1 mid-air in Eastern San Diego County on 1/12/40. (Photo courtesy of Don Endicott)



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