Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West




In the summer of 2013 Old Glory is wind tattered in this photo taken by Project Remembrance Team member Dave Mihalik. Dave visited the Northrop YB-49 42-102368 crash site to pay his respects to the five crewmen who lost their lives during a routine test flight on June 6, 1948.

The YB-49 crash site is a micro today, but still worth the visit to remember the sacrifice of the flight test crew: USAF Officers, Pilot Capt. Glenn W. Edwards, Co-pilot Maj. Daniel H. Forbes, and Flight Engineer Lt. Edward L. Swindell. Also aboard were Air Force  civilian engineers, Charles H. LaFountain, and Clare C. Lesser. (Photo Courtesy Dave Mihalik)

The Randsburg Desert Museum features a display of YB-49 memorabilia that includes recovered parts, photos, diagrams, maps, and a memorial to the crewmen.

The Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards Air Force Base is highly recommended as a source for information and displays honoring the memory of Capt. Glenn W. Edwards and his crew.


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