Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West



On 10/20/53 two Northrop Corp. test pilots died in #49-2463 USAF near the community of North Edwards. The wreckage is widely scattered over a half mile of flat desert. The accident occurred during a roll in which the controls locked resulting in a high speed crash in which the aircraft disintegrated but did not burn.


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Impact crater and hundreds of aircraft fragments.

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Tire and part with number 75S-7.

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More parts found at half mile east of impact crater.

 yf89d4.jpg (179636 bytes)

Flag placed at impact honoring flight crew who lost their lives in defense related work.

yf89d5.jpg (190548 bytes)

YF-89D parts located 400 yds. from impact.

yf89d6.jpg (137423 bytes)

Parts of #49-2463 on portable examination board.



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