Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Recent Crash Site Visitations


12/30/53 F-86F 52-4762 & 52-4688 mid-air (2) Minor injuries. Thanks to Pat J. Macha, and PR Team members, Joe Idoni, and Maryn Macha,
Scott Macha, and Jeff Hamond.
12/4/41 Brewster F2A-2 USMC (1) Fatal. Special thanks to local resident, Pat J. Macha and Maryn Macha.






6/3/33 Fokker C-14 31-388 U.S.A.A.C. (1) moderate injuries. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha for mapping this historic site. Project Remembrance Team site visitation by Pat J. Macha & Bruce Guberman.




       No crash site visitations  






4/23/65 F-104C 56-0894 (1) M/N
Thanks to Joe Idoini and PR Team

9/16/50 Cessna 170 N9049A (3) Fatal Thanks to Pat J Macha, Jeff Hammond, Joe Idoini, and special thanks to Dima Kogan.



          No crash site visitations





          No crash site visitations 



1/9/65 PA-23 N3251P (2) M/N Re-visit with newspaper/media led by PR Team.

          No crash site visitations 



2/17/65 C-182C (2) Fatal. Not located following search efforts.
12/22/96 PA-23 (4) Fatal. Thanks to Joe Idoni and PR Team.

7/9/52 F-51D (1) Fatal. Thanks to Pat J. Macha and PR Team.

9/21/52 F-51D (1) Fatal Site re-visit. Thanks to Matt Maxon & P.J. Macha, PR Team.
10/2/54 F-100A (1) Fatal. Thanks to Joe Idoni and the PR Team.
Date Unknown. Vought F4U. Thanks to Walt Witherspoon and the PR Team.
6/12/80 BQM-34M (NOLO). Thanks to Joe Idoni and the PR Team.
3/24/15 MQ-9 Reaper ? (NOLO). PR Team.
11/17/89 Hughes 369 (1) Fatal. Thanks to Tom Maloney and the PR Team.
1/29/38 Stinson SR-9C (2) Fatal. Special thanks to PR Team members, Bruce Guberman, Cindy Macha and Suzanne Damgaard.


1/9/65 PA-23 N3251P (2) Minor Joan Merriam Smith flew solo around the world in this aircraft, named The City of Long beach. She was tragically killed in a flying accident on 2/17/65. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha for locating the crash site, and to PR Team members: G.P. Macha,Tom Maloney, and Joe Idoni.

12/22/96 PA-23 (4) Fatal. Site revisit with PR Team.











8/8/49 F-51D Non-Fatal. Thanks to Pat J. Macha & Joe Idoni, and the PR Team.

7/27/10 BE-95 (2) Fatal. Special thanks to Tom Maloney & Gretchen Cummings, and the PR Team.

4/23/69 A-4C (1) Fatal. Special thanks to Craig Fuller, Marc Nicholls, and the PR Team.
4/21/51 B-29A  (4) Serious, (10) Minor. Special thanks to Craig Fuller, Mark Nicholls, Pat J. Macha, and the PR Team.
4/18/48 BT-13B (1) Serious, (1) Moderate. Site re-visit by Bruce Guberman & Suzanne Damgaard.

       2/18/56 AD-5 (2) Fatal. Re-visit with PR Team.

       3/25/68 T-28B (2) Fatal. Re-visit with PR Team.
       Date Unknown Vought F-8 in Imperial County.
       Widely scattered large micro site. Possible F-8E
       or F-8H.





  • 8/6/44 AT-23A (1) Fatal, (1) Serious (2) Minor.
    Thanks to Pat J. Macha
  • 7/2/57 F-100D (1) Fatal. Thanks to Pat J. Macha
  • 3/3/81 B-26B (3) Fatal. Site re-visit thanks to Bruce Guberman, Pat J. Macha, and Suzanne Damgaard who discovered a dog tag belonging to USAF Captain Carmen A. Lucci. The dog tag will be returned to next of kin or included in a memorial display at the Edwards Air Force Base Test Pilot’s School.
  • 9/21/49 F-51D (1) Fatal. Thanks to M. Maxon & Pat J. Macha






  • 11/2/68  Re-visit L.T.V. F-8J crash site with members of the Michael J. Emmett Family on the 50th anniversary of his death. Thanks to the Project Remembrance Team.


  • 2/24/65 Lockheed F-104C (1) Non-Fatal. Thanks to Joe Idoni.
  • 12/6/42 Beechcraft AT-11 (4) Fatal. Numerous search missions over the past many years finally paid off thanks to Joe Idoni and Pat J. Macha.
  •  (No site visitations)



  • 4/23/06 C-337 (2) Fatal. Thanks to Tom Maloney
  • 6/28/74 McDonnell F-4E (2) Minor. Thanks to Joe Idoni
  • 1/18/81 McDonnell F-4G (2) Minor. Thanks to Joe Idoni


  • 6/3/63 T-28A (2) Fatal, Project Remembrance Team.
  • 6/18/89 C-152 (2) Fatal, re-visit by PR Team
  • 3/8/17 Quicksilver MXLII (1) Fatal, PR Team
  • .6/15/18 Beech 35 (2) Fatal, PR Team.
  • 8/5/97 PA-28RT (3) Fatal, Thanks to Dave Mihalik.




  • 10/16/11 BE-33 (3) Fatal. Thanks to Dave Mihalik.
  • 3/20/11 Cessna 210 (3) Fatal. Thanks to Dave Mihalik
  • 7/22/44 Lockheed P-38J (1) Fatal. Thanks to G. P. Macha.
  • 1/10/45 Douglas DC-3 AAL (24) Fatal, Pat J. Macha and Bruce Guberman.
  • 7/29/17 C-172N (2) 2 Fatal. Memorial site visit by Project Remembrance Team members.
  • 2/15/76 BE F-35 (1) Fatal. No wreckage observed. Crash site overgrown.


  • 7/23/57 FJ-3 (1) Minor/None. Special thanks to Bob Koch for his historic photos of the crash site, and to Craig Fuller for the 1st site recon mission several years ago.










  • 4/4/52 F-51H (1) Minor. Micro site thanks to Ryan Gilmore.
  • 1/1/77 C-210 (4) Minor. Micro site thanks to Jerry Depue
  • 6/22/79 DC-7C (1) Fatal, (4) Serious. Site only, scrapped clean. Thanks to Dave Mihalik & Tom Maloney.
  • 1/23/69 (2) TA-4F Mid-Air (1) Moderate, (1) Minor. Micro sites, widely scattered, access limited. In honored memory of Colonel Marvin Garrison, USMC 3/31-2/18.
  • 6/28/77 C-172 (1) Minor, micro site thanks
    to Jerry Depue.
  • 1/10/45 Douglas DC-3 AAL (24) Fatal, thanks Pat J. Macha
  • 5/30/44 Consolidated PB4Y-1 & General Motors FM-2
    mid-air collision. (12) Fatal. Special thanks to Jamie Lievers.
  • 3/3/81 Douglas B-26 N9417H In-flight breakup. (3) Fatal.



  • 10/10/42 Douglas DB-1 (1) Fatal. Special thanks to Trey Brandt.
  • 2/12/69 Grumman A-6A (2) Minor/None. Thanks to G.E.
  • 9/28/44 Lockheed P-38L (1) Fatal, fourth site visitation spanning 22 years. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha.


  • Re-visit unknown light aircraft accidentally found in 2004 north of Apple Valley Airport. More parts found, but type is still undetermined.
  • Re-visit 2/8/55 B-57B (2) Fatal.
  • 7/22/17 Applegate Panzil S331E (1) Fatal. Memorial Site.
  • Re-visit 1/11/86 F-4C (1) Fatal, (1) Non-fatal.
  • Re-visit 11/16/59 F-101B (1) Serious injury.
  • 5/31/45 B-25H (3) Fatal. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha.



  • 6/16/95 C-210 (1) Fatal, site not found.
  • 12/16/84 PA-60 (1) Fatal, special thanks to Don  Tayenaka.
  • Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah, NV tour. Special thanks to Allen Metscher.



      •  6/21/52 F2H-1 (1) Fatal
          Date Unknown F9F (1) Fatal, not located.
  • 6/5/61 Grumman TBM-3E (1) Fatal/Fire-Fighting in AZ. Special thanks to Tom & Gloria Maloney. Site location courtesy AAIR.


  •  (No site visitations)



  • 7/29/17 C-172N (2) Fatal,  Memorial Site.
  • 7/17/80 CH-47C (1) Fatal, (2) Serious, (1) Minor/None.
  • 3/16/68 Mooney Mk. 20C (4) Serious, Special thanks to property owners.
  •  (2) Search missions south of Barstow for a WWII era         military loss, and another for a 1950’s era military accident, both without results.
  • 5/4/44 FG-1 (1) Fatal  Memorial Day re-visit.


  • 11/5/57 FJ-4B (1) None  Special thanks to Ensign Robert F. Jones (rank at time of accident) and Hank Rupp of the Rancho Guejito Corporation.
  • 5/4/44 FG-1 (1) F (2) Old Bold Pilots Association members escorted to site.
  • 6/8/56 FJ-3 USN (1) Fatal. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha.
  • 11/10/83 TA-7C USN (1) Fatal found by G.P. Macha.
  • (4) 1950’s USN & USMC sites in Imperial County, all regrettably fatal losses. Special thanks to Craig Fuller at AAIR.
  • 4/26/65 U-2C (1) Fatal. Special thanks for research efforts by Dave Mihalik.
  • 1/28/58 A3D-2 (2) Fatal. Special thanks to Dave Mihalik.

•  5/5/44 FG-1 (1) Fatal re-visit.





  • 11/27/51 Boeing RB-29A  In-flight fire and breakup, all thirteen crewmen bailout O.K. Special thanks to Lisa & Jermey.
  • 6/29/59 Boeing B-47E (3) Fatal (1) Serious. Thanks to Pat J. Macha.
  • 8/13/54 N.A.A. F-51D (1) Fatal. Site re-visit.


  • 2/28/45 Consolidated B-24J (9) Fatal, (1) Serious. Re-visit crash site with 14 family members of air gunner Cpl. Frank B. Kerrigan, and ABC Channel 3 News Team. Special thanks to members of the Project Remembrance Team.




  • Date Unknown (2) DART tow targets, thanks to Walt Witherspoon.


  • 1/9/06 Cirrus (2) Fatal. Thanks to Dave Mihalik & Tom Maloney.
  • 8/20/96 Bell AH-1 (1) Fatal, (1) Minor. Thanks to Dave Mihalik.
  • 2/17/56  Lockheed F-80C (1) Fatal. Special thanks to Pat J. Macha.
  • 7/9/12 Robinson R-22 (1) Fatal. Thanks to Tom Maloney.
  • 10/24/41 Curtiss P-40 #39-213 minor injuries to pilot who self-rescued after two days in the wilderness. PR Team escorted the pilot’s son to the crash site. Special thanks to Jon Beck
  • 2/12/44 Boeing B-17G #42-31705 (2) Fatal, (6) Serious near Winona, AZ. Special thanks to Craig Fuller & Dave Mihalik.
  • 12/23/03 Lear Jet 24B (2) Fatal. Thanks to Tom Maloney & Dave Mihalik.


  • 9/15/59 Lockheed T-33A (1) Fatal. Thanks to Dave Mihalik.

  • 1/16/68 McDonnell F-4C (2) Minor/none. Site re-visit thanks to Walt Witherspoon.

  • 8/27/15 Piper PA-25 (1) Fatal. Thanks to   Maloney / Mihalik.

  • 7/3/16 Cessna 182 (4) Minor. Thanks to D. Mihalik.

  • 3/24/54 N.A.A. Navion (3) Fatal. No wreckage observed. Thanks to Tom Maloney.

  • (5) crash sites east of Mojave Airport including re-visits to FJ-4B, F9F-2, (3) F9F-5, SNJ-4 mid-air, and one late model drone.


  • 2/18/56  Douglas AD-5 (A-1E ) USMC (2) Fatal

  • 12/16/84 Piper PA-60 (1) Fatal. Thanks to Don Tayenaka.
  • 5/5/44 FG-1 (1) Fatal. Site re-visit

  • 7/2/68 CH-46D (2) Fatal, (1) Serious

  • No site visitations

  • 6/12/70 F-8H (1) Fatal

  • 12/13/63 F-8C (1) Non-fatal

  • 10/5/98 S-2 Tanker 96 (1) Fatal


  • 3/3/46 American Air Lines DC-3 NC-21799 (27) Fatal
    Through site survey thanks to Larry Thompson, and David Lane.

  • 6/14/78 F-105G (2) M/N micro site

  • 11/7/84 F-4G (2) M/N site revisit

  • 11/16/56 F6F-5K (NOLO) site revisit

  • Date Unknown F-100D Mystery micro site found by Chris LeFave. Site in vicinity of old George A.F.B., possible fatal accident. Research on-going.

  • 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s (6) U.S. Navy micro sites. Aircraft types, and accident dates withheld.

  • 3/3/46 American Airlines DC-3 NC-21799 (27) fatal. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Project Remembrance Team member David Lane, and assistance from Larry Thompson of the Manzanita Tribe, the crash site of American Air Lines Flight 6-103 has finally been located in the rugged mountains of Eastern San Diego County.

  • 27/61 NAA F-100F (2) O.K. widely scattered micro site.
    Thanks to Walt Witherspoon.

  • 2/12/43 Waco CG-4A (1) fatal, (1) minor site.
    Thanks to Walt Witherspoon.


  • 11/14/91 Cessna 336 N3848U (5) fatal, site and memorial visitation.

  • 5/5/44 USMC FG-1A re-visit (1) fatal.

  • Date Unknown. NAA SNJ-4 re-visit near Big Bear Lake, first visitation 1964. Still a mystery site regarding the accident date. Navy or Marine loss late fall/winter 1944-48 period. Both crew survived, one seriously injured, one minor. (Any help appreciated in completing this story)

  • 11/10/69. Cessna 182C N8916T (2) Fatal. Re-visit site, first visitation winter 1998.

  • 4/9/42 AT-7 USAAF (5) Fatal re-visit by PR Team, T. Maloney, D. Mihalik.

  • 8/30/88 Memorial site for USMC Lcpl Jason Rother (Fatal) by PR Team, T. Maloney, D. Mihalik.

  • 7/17/80 Boeing Vertol CH-47C Army (1) F, (2) S, (1) M/N

  • 6/25/65 Boeing C-135A USAF  (72) Marines, and (12) Air Force servicemen killed. Site re-visit with 44 next of Kin on 50th anniversary of crash. PR Team members G. Pat Macha, Pat J. Macha, and Bruce Guberman in cooperation with O.C. Parks & Irvine Ranch conservancy.

  • 10/14/58 BE-35 USFS (2) Fatal, next of kin visitation Project Remembrance.

  • 11/2/58 Vought F-8E USN (1) Fatal located by PR Team, D. Lane, G.P. Macha, D. Richardson.

  • 12/24/46 DC-3 Western Air Lines, (12) Fatal, large micro site, visited by PR Team thanks to the Ewiiaapaayp Bandof the Kumeyaay Tribe.

  • 1/12/40 Douglas TBD-1 USN (1) Fatal, (2) M/N, micro site located by David Lane.

  • 2/12/46 P-80A  USAF (1) Fatal. Long sought after site, finally got to see it thanks to Dave Finnern.

  • 9/22/66 F-104A USAF (1) M/N re-visit large micro site by PR Team, G.P. Macha, T. Maloney, D. Mihalik.

  • 12/14/44 B-24J & P-63A USAAF mid-air (13) M/N micro, scattered by PR Team, G.P. Macha, T. Maloney, D. Mihalik.

  • 4/11/56 TB-26C (1) fatal, (2) serious, (2) minor. Micro site, memorial site.

  • 8/23/44 B-24J (1) fatal, (1) serious, (9) minor/none. Re-visit. Micro site.

  • 6/29/66 B-720B (1) minor, (5) none. Micro site.

  • 1960’s B-377 ground collision injuries unknown. Micro site.

  • 11/16/43 FM-1 (1) serious. Micro site.

  • 6/16/76 P-51D (2) Fatal. Micro site. Re-visit.

  • 1/17/61 F9F-8T (2) fatal. Micro site.

  • 10/14/58 BE-35 USFS (2) Fatal, site re-visit by Tom Maloney, large micro.

  • 1/10/45 DC-3 American Air Lines (24) Fatal visited by P.J. Macha, micro site.

  • 7/4/67 Champion 7GCAA (2) Fatal, 85% remaining, located by G.P. Macha & T. Maloney.

  • 2/13/42 (2) F4F-4 USN (2) Fatal, located by David Lane, large micro sites.


  • 11/14/91 Cessna 336 (5) fatal missing until 7/5/92. Memorial site visited by Pat J. Macha and Chris LeFave with special thanks to Fred Moore.

  • 9/21/54 C-82A (1) F (8) M/N re-visit as part of Project Remembrance mission.

  • 3/3/81 Douglas B-26 N9417H in-flight breakup (3) fatal. Accidentally discovered during a desert camping trip by Tom Maloney, with additional discoveries by Dennis Richardson, and former B-26 owner David Lane.

  • 10.15/58 BE-35 (2) Fatal U.S.F.S. loss discovered by Tom Maloney a volunteer U.S.F.S. team in the Santa Ana Mountains.

  • Date and aircraft type not described. Historic WWII era fatal accident.

  • 5/5/79 BE-50 (5) Fatal



  • 5/5/44 FG-1A USMC (1) Fatal, re-visit Project Remembrance related.


  • 9/21/54 C-82A (1) Fatal, (8) Minor/None. Following five search efforts team work pays off. Special thanks to David Lane. Story and video to be posted soon.

  • 1/15/37 A-17 (1) Serious (1) Minor/None. Site located, no wreckage found.

  • Bucket list site located, thanks again to Project Remembrance Team members, especially David Lane. No details will be released at this time.


  • 4/1/77 Cessna 411A (7) Fatal, thanks to Tom Kelly.


  • 7/6/60 Douglas AD-6 USN (1) Fatal, Project Remembrance Team mission.


  • No site visitations

  • 6/7/14 Beechcraft 95 (3) Fatal, Project Remembrance Team mission.

  • 7/6/60 Douglas AD-6 USN (1) Fatal. Thanks to P.J. Macha & the Project Remembrance Team.

  • 11/5/56 F-100C (1) Fatal. Thanks to Pat J. Macha

  • 10/10/62 F-104C (1) Non-fatal re-visit

  • 2007 Boeing Drone Helicopter NOLO micro. Thanks to Dave Mihalik

  • 7/5/59 TBM-3E (1) Fatal. Thanks to Robert Wills and Preston Tood

  • 6/8/66 XB-70A (1) Fatal (1) Minor. Thanks to Sam Parker

  • 6/8/66 F-104N (1) Fatal. Thanks to Sam Parker

  • F-100D ZEL (1) Minor. Thanks to Sam Parker


  • 11/15/34 Northrop Alpha TWA NC-999Y Non-fatal, thanks to P.J. Macha.

  • 4/20/54 Fairchild C-119F USAF (7) Fatal. Micro site, thanks to P.J. Macha.


  • 6/22/70 USAF F-4E non-fatal spin accident, micro site. Thanks to Walt Witherspoon.

  • 3/28/56 USAF F-101A fatal accident, micro site re-visit.

  • 1/4/38 USAAC A-17 (2) fatal, site located, no aircraft parts observed. Site bulldozed/buried.

  • 5/23/66 USAF F-105D non-fatal, extensive search effort not successful.

  • 3/3/44 B-24E (4) Fatal re-visit

  • 12/4/69 F3H-2 (1) Fatal. Thanks to David Lane


  • 5/5/44 USMC Goodyear FG-1A (1) Fatal, site re-visit Santa Ana Mountains

  • 7/17/45 USN Grumman F8F-1 (1) Fatal Contra Costa County.

  • Project Remembrance search mission near Baldy Mesa. Search effort will resume in January 2014.

  • 2/13/61 F-100D (1) Non-fatal revisit Mojave Desert.

  • 12/31/76 Mooney MK20C (1) Non-fatal revisit San Bernardino Mountains.

  • 3/25/09 F-22A (1) Fatal. Memorial at site near Harper Dry Lake.

  • 9/10/53 Regulus I NOLO (No Live Operator) Northwest of Barstow, thanks to Tony & Evelyn Accurso.

  • 8/6/44 Martin AT-23A/B-26B (1) Fatal, (1) serious, (2) minor/none north of Barstow. Thanks to Lowell Ford and Bruce Guberman.

  • 8/11/02 Aero Commander 690A (4) Fatal south of Bishop, CA. Memorial at crash site.

  • 1/19/07 Lockheed/Martin F-16C (1) Minor injuries on Owens Lake, viewed site from distance.

  • 8/18/44 Vultee BT-13A (2) Minor injuries in Onion Valley west of Independence, CA. Revisit to determine exact crash site location.

  • 8/17/93 BE-35 (2) fatal very micro. Thanks to Tom Maloney.

  • 5/19/84 C-210 (2) serious 100% removed. Thanks to eyewitness.

  • 6/7/64 BE-95 (3) fatal. 2nd Project Remembrance mission to site. The first was 2007. Next of kin from all three families who lost loved ones were represented on the 7/27/13 mission.

  • 3/2/57 Cessna 170B (4) fatal, missing until 1973. Today a 98% undisturbed site in the San Bernardino Mountains. One of the most difficult to locate, and thanks to a seven person team approach we found the site during the second search effort.

  • 5/7/71 Mooney MK 20E (3) fatal, 4th re-visit of this site. First visits summer/fall 1971. 3rd visit 11/28/12. 90% plus remains today in the San Bernardino Mountains.

  • 9/22/76 Sikorsky S-55B (4) fatal, micro site in Cajon Pass. One of four medical evacuation helicopter crash sites in the pass.

  • 8/12/50 North American Aviation F-86A (1) non-fatal in San Bernardino Mountains. Possible crash site observed, but rugged terrain and high temps prevented site verification until mid-fall 2013.

  • 3/37/2000 Vans RV-6 (2) fatal near Taft, CA. Special thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 5/14/58 Lockheed R7V-1 USN (5) fatal near Taft, CA. Special thanks to David Lane.

  • Navy or Marine jet wreckage viewed from a distance on barren volcanic ridge on Island of Hawaii. Possible A-4 or A-6? Any help appreciated

  • 7/18/54 F-86F Mid-Air

  • 9/7/02 Bell 222

  • 5/3/64 O-1A  Operation Desert Strike loss.

  • 1/14/79 PA-31

  • 6/3/58 F-100C search, wreckage found, type not yet confirmed.

  • 10/4/00 RQ-1L

  • 1930’s crash site, type not disclosed.

  • 6/2/84 PA-31-350

  • 8/21/46 AT-7C search unsuccessful.

  • 7/18/98 Sikorsky CH-54A (3) fatal Mojave Desert

  • 12/6/65 JF-106A (1) non-fatal Mojave Desert

  • 2/27/97 T-34C (2) fatal Santa Ana Mountains

  • 5/5/43 RP-38E re-visit Mojave Desert

  • 7/19/85 PA-28-181 (3) fatal Cajon Pass.

  • Revisit 10/2/44 B-25D Project Remembrance Mission

  • Revisit 1/17/45 P-38J

  • Revisit 10/10/62 F-104C

  • 11/5/56 F-100C Thanks to Pat J. Macha

  • 1/6/55 T-33A Thanks to Ryan Gilmore

  • Revisit 2/13/58 Western Air Lines Convair 240

  • 10/8/42 A-20B Thanks to Tom Maloney, and the Luck of the Irish

  • Revisit 10/8/42 A-20B to complete the survey.

  • 3/1/48 F6F-5 search not successful.

  • 4/15/76 Beech 60 viewed crash area no wreck observed.

  • 1/17/45 UC-64A located thanks to Mike Boeck & Tom Maloney.

  • Revisit 2/23/30 Fokker F-10A thanks to Pat J. Macha & Fred Moore



  • 6/4/01 PA-28 removed, no parts found.

  • 12/19/94 Navion micro site.

  • 1/12/61 B-47E (see video).

  • 6/27/54 KC-97G (see video) Project Remembrance Team.

  • 7/16/62 F9F-8T not located, 1st effort.

  • *1/6/55 T-33A  located by Ryan Gilmore.

  • Date unknown  micro site believed to be USMC.

  • 9/1/58 F-84F micro site.

  • 8/8/61 A4D-2N (2) micro sites.

  • 5/7/71 Mooney Mk. 20E, my first visit 8/71. Site re-located by deer hunter, took my son back for a re-visit.

  • Hot weather all month
    No visitations this month

  • 9/21/54 (2) Search missions for USAF C-82A in San Bernardino Mountains.

  • 1/24/48 USAF AT-6D re-visit in memory of pilot.

  • 4/28/67 Piper PA-28 (2) search missions on behalf next of kin near Crab Flats in San Bernardino Mountains. Information or assistance appreciated. Please contact G. Pat Macha for details.

  • 4/14/43 Porterfield CP-65 accident area surveyed no wreckage found in Inyo County.

  • 8/15/00 Piper PA-24 in Inyo County, micro site.

  • 8/18/44 Vultee BT-13A High Sierra, found crash site, but early snowfall prevented locating any aircraft parts.

  • 4/30/42 Lockheed P-38D micro site, location not disclosed.

  • *9/7/02 Bell 222U micro site, Memorial Site, located by Dave Mihalik near Nevada Border.

  • 1/30/84 Learjet 24 micro site on Catalina Island.

  • 8/4/96 Cessna 421C micro site on Catalina Island.

  • *10/24/41 Curtiss P-40 micro site, and Memorial Site visited by Ton Maloney east of Bass Lake, CA. One of five P-40 losses over the High Sierra on that fateful day in October.

  • 4/5/92 Globe Swift site fly-over San Gabriel Mountains courtesy Chris Chris LeFave.

  • 3/6/88 Boeing Vertol CH-46E in the Santa Margarita Mountains. Special thanks to Brad Ells.

  • 7/20/12 Cessna 182P in Riverside County.

  • 10/1/98 Aero Commander 680 near Palm Springs. Special thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 12/30/41 Re-visit Martin B-26 in San Bernardino Mountains.

  • 6/7/97 Cessna U206G San Gabriel Mountains, thanks to Chris Killian

  • 12/31/64 Beechcraft T-34A re-visit San Gabriel Mountains

  • 10/5/45 Curtiss C-46A re-visit San Gabriel Mountains

  • 2/11/69 Lockheed SP-2E USNR re-visit with next of kin in Santa Ana Mountains.

  • 5/12/69 Douglas A-4B USNR Western Mojave Desert thanks to Walt Witherspoon, and Tony Accurso.

  • 10/28/59 Lockheed F-104C USAF Western Mojave Desert thanks to Greg Frazier, and Tony & Evelyn Accurso.

  • Date unknown. Checked out reported aircraft wreckage in Santa Ana Mountains and found that it was an old vehicle from many years ago.

  • 5/15/54 Lockheed TV-2/T-33B in Ventura County Mountains. Site confirmed by Chris LeFave during fly-over. Site visitation by Marc McDonald and Pat J. Macha. Site research by Marc McDonald.

  • 3/2/49 (2) Grumman F6F-5N on Mt. San Antonio, re-visit by Chris LeFave, Pat J. Macha, Marc and Jennifer McDonald. We have visited these sites more than a dozen times since the mid-1970’s.

  • 10/5/45 Curtiss C-46A on Mt. San Antonio, re-visit by Chris LeFave, Marc McDonald, Pat J. Macha.


  • 10/28/69 Douglas TA-4F USMC Mojave Desert thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • Douglas F4D-1 undisclosed location thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 8/3/73 Lockheed S-3A Mojave Desert thanks to Walt Witherspoon, and Tony & Evelyn Accurso.

  • 5/28/65 Goodyear FG-1D Racer Mojave Desert thanks to Tony Accurso & Evelyn Accurso.

  • 1/31/43 Douglas C-53A & Waco CG-4A re-visit thanks to Francine Rippy , Marc McDonald, and Marylynn Winkler.


  • 4/1/77 T-39D USN East San Diego County

  • 4/21/58 TF-100F USAF SW Nevada

  • 10/30/53 (2) F-80C USAF NE Las Vegas, NV Thanks to Craig Fuller AAIR



  • 1/31/43 Douglas C-53A & Waco CG-4A NW L. A. County Mnts thanks to Francine Rippy and Marc McDonald as our guides.

  • 2/28/45 Consolidated B-24J SW Thermal, CA thanks to Trey Brandt.

  • 4/15/08 PA-23 on park land SW of Brackett Field, CA. Thanks to Tom as our guide.

  • 11/15/67 NAA X-15 re-visit to memorial site.

  • 1943 Culver Cadet, and 1956 A-4A south of Inyokern unsuccessful.


  • 4/13/44 Bell P-39N Mojave Desert, special thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 7/3/43 Douglas RDB-7B Eastern Mojave Desert, special thanks to E.F. “Butch” Gates.

  • 3/15/77 Mooney MK 20F mid-air with Beech F-33, Eastern Mojave Desert, special thanks to E.F. “Butch” Gates.

  • 5/27/64 North American F-100D Eastern Mojave Desert, special thanks to E.F. “Butch” Gates.

  • 10/25/52 Grumman F9F-5 San Bernardino Mountains site only.

  • 2/8/10 Yak 52 east of Redlands, special thanks to Ryan Gilmore.


  • 7/10/43 Curtiss P-40M non-fatal, micro site near Rice AAB.

  • 1/31/44 P-39Q fatal, micro site near Rice AAB. Trey Brandt, guide

  • 2/6/44 P-39Q non-fatal, micro site near Rice AAB, Trey Brandt, guide.

  • 5/23/09 Kit Fox fatal, very micro near Apple Valley, BLM guide.

  • 7/23/90 PA-28 (2) fatal, micro site NE of Apple Valley, George Petterson, guide.

  • 2/8/55 B-57B (2) fatal, micro site re-visit Apple Valley.

  • 11/18/54 F-86D fatal, micro site re-visit NE Victorville.

  • Date Unknown vintage Light aircraft micro site near Johannesburg, CA.

  • 7/2/44 B-24J (10) fatal re-visit north Kramer Junction memorial site.

  • 10/15/46 P-80A (1) minor re-visit in Box Springs Mountains.

  • 8/12/43 B-24E (10) fatal NE of Palm Springs special thanks to Trey Brandt.

  • 7/20/68 TBM-3E (1) fatal re-visit near Idyllwild.



  • 5/5/44 Goodyear FG-1A re-visit site with State Park Ranger Jordan Fenwick in Santa Ana Mountains

  • 3/25/77 C-172 near Inyokern (1) fatal, (3) serious micro site.

  • 12/12/05 Beechcraft A-23 near north of Bishop (2) fatal micro site.

  • 2/26/06 Aero Vodochody L-39 (2) fatal north of Mojave re-visit.

  • 6/7/86 Beechcraft M35 (3) serious north of Bishop re-visit.

  • 12/5/43 B-24H (6) minor/none near Manzanar re-visit.

  • 4/29/46 Grumman F7F-1 (1) minor near Manzanar re-visit.

  • 11/19/67 PA-28 (1) fatal viewed from Hwy 395 re-visit.

  • 5/16/68 Sikorsky CH-53A Bu No 154875 USMC (1) fatal (3) serious (2) major (10) minor/none. Crash site is on Toro Peak in Santa Rosa Mountains. A second USMC CH-53A lies nearby on Santa Rosa Peak at the 6.500’ elevation. This accident occurred on 5/3/70 killing one, critically injuring two, and seriously injuring two others.

  • * 3/13/45 Douglas Dakota MK IV KN345 Royal Air Force (5) fatal missing until 5/13/45. (3) R.A.F. crewmen, (1) R.C.A.F., and (1) USAAF passenger. Crash site in the rugged mountains of northern Ventura County. Special thanks to Marc Mc Donald and his wife Jen who accompanied Pat J. Macha and Tom Maloney to the crash site.

  • 4/23/93 Piper PA-24 San Bernardino Mountains (1) fatal weather and other factors. Micro site less than 1% remaining.

  • 1/28/95 Piper PA-28 San Bernardino Mountains (2) fatal engine not removed before flight. Micro site less than 1% remaining.

  • 11/15/97 Mooney Mk 20 San Bernardino Mountains (2) fatal weather a factor. Micro site re-visit.

  • 2/21/77 Beechcraft K35 San Bernardino Mountains (4) fatal weather a factor. 1st search effort unsuccessful.

  • 4/28/67 Piper PA-28 San Bernardino Mountains (4) fatal weather a factor. Aerial search made by Chris LeFave on behalf of next of kin. Site not located, but ground search will be undertaken when better information is obtained.


  • Date unknown light plane micro site on step slope near old Saint George Airport, UT.

  • 4/21/58 Douglas DC-7 N6328C United Airlines, very micro with small memorial for the forty-seven victims, SW Las Vegas, NV.

  • 5/5/44 Goodyear FG-1A USMC revisit site in Santa Ana Mountains.

  • 8/11/50 (2) Douglas B-26B’s USAF revisit sites after many years, they remain mostly undisturbed, and now have BLM protection.  

  • 1/17/53 NAA F-86D USAF NW of Victorville, search effort #5 unsuccessful.

  • 5/2/51 Republic F-84E USAF NW of Victorville, search effort #3 unsuccessful.

  • 5/22/78 Piper Super Cub N1256A (1) fatal on very steep and brushy terrain in San Gabriel Mountains near Claremont. Special thanks to Ryan Gilmore for making this site visit possible.

  • * 2/10/59 Lockheed T-33A 56-3683 (2) fatal on the west flank of Mt. San Antonio in the San Gabriel Mountains. Chris LeFave and Ryan Gilmore spotted the wreckage of 56-3683 during an aerial search in May 2011. In mid-June 2011 Chris LeFave and Pat J. Macha reached the widely scattered T-33A wreckage in very rugged and steep terrain.


  • 2/8/31 Douglas BT-2B USAAC (1) minor/bailout, San Jacinto Mnts. Thanks to Chris Le Fave.

  • 1955 Grumman F9F-5 USN, (1) fatal San Diego County Mnts, accidental find thanks to Pat J. Macha.

  • 9/22/58 Lockheed TV-2/T-33B USN, (2) successful ejection Anza Borrego Desert Mnts, thanks to Jamie Lievers.

  • 11/22/69 McDonnell F-4B USMC, mid-air (1) fatal (1) minor Anza Borrego Desert, thanks to Joe Idoni.

  • 3/26/45 NAA P-51D USAAF (1) fatal Southern Mojave Desert thanks to Lewis Shorb.



  • 6/3/55 SNJ-2 USN (2) fatal micro site east San Diego County thanks to P. J. Macha and Bert Bertels.

  • Date unknown, type unknown appears to be military, very micro east San Diego County thanks to Bruce Guberman

  • 1/28/55 F9F-5 USN (1) fatal widely scattered accidental find east San Diego County.

  • 5/5/43 RP-38E USAAF (1) fatal micro site Mojave Desert thanks to Don Jordan via Jim Rowan.

  • 6/16/55 F-86H USAF (1) non-fatal micro site NE Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to Craig Fuller and Dave Mihalik.

  • 1/29/45 P-39Q USAAF (1) non-fatal micro site NE Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to Craig Fuller.

  • 8/28/79 (2) F-4D’s mid-air (2) fatal, (2) non-fatal widely scattered site NE Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to Craig Fuller.

  • 4/15/61 Cessna L-19A ANG (2) fatal in rugged country, 60% remaining, hiking guide to site, Marc McDonald.

  • 12/22/44 Lockheed P-38H USAAF (1) minor, micro site, guide to site, Marc McDonald.

  • * 4/14/55 Beechcraft Bonanza (2) fatal located by Marc McDonald after several hikes into very rugged country.

  • 10/2/44 Vultee BT-13B USAAF (1) minor via helicopter, flyby only, 2nd re-visit.

  • 4/13/44 P-39N USAAF (1) fatal, 3rd effort to locate, no luck.

  • 3/6/73 F-101B USAF (1) fatal (1) injured, micro site scattered.

  • 2/13//61 F-100D USAF (1) none, scattered micro site, thanks to AAIR.

  • 7/15/55 F-84G USAF (1) fatal, scattered micro site, thanks to AAIR.

  • 1/24/44 A-20G USAAF (1) fatal, 15% plus remaining, thanks to Trey Brandt.


  • 10/7/66 Vought F-8E USN (1) fatal 15% site east Mojave Desert, thanks to Reed Nescher.

  • 7/24/43 Consolidated B-24E USAAF (4) fatal 1% or less, re-visit near Blythe.

  • 10/4/43 Consolidated B-24D USAAF (10) fatal less than 1%, re-visit near Blythe.

  • 3/17/71 Vought A-7E USN (1) fatal 2% near Blythe, thanks to Trey Brandt.

  • 6/23/43 Bell P-39D USAAF (1) O.K.1% near Blythe, thanks to Trey Brandt.

  • 1/21/44 Consolidated B-24J USAAF (7) fatal 2% near Blythe, thanks to Trey Brandt.

  • 10/23/42 Douglas DC-3 American Air Lines (12) fatal 1% near Palm Springs, thanks to Louis Shorb.



  • 5/16/61 McDonnell F3H-2 USN (1) fatal, scattered, 20% remaining. D. Richardson guide.

  • 3/15/86 McDonnell Douglas OA-4M USMC (1) minor, micro site, re-visit.

  • 8/25/85 Sikorsky CH-53E USMC, (1) Fatal, (3) serious, no wreckage located, removed/built on.

  • 4/14/55 Beech 35 (2) fatal, aerial search no result, B. Guberman, pilot.

  • 4/15/61 Cessna L-19A ANG, (2) fatal, 60% plus, M. McDonald guide. Fly over

  • 8/16/09 Cessna 152 (2) fatal, micro site, R. Gilmore guide.

  • 1/18/10 Cessna 340 (2) fatal, micro site re-visit, LeFave guide.

  •  3/6/98 Sikorsky SH-60B USN, (5) fatal, monument site/micro, Gilmore/LeFave guides.


  • 1/9/55 Beechcraft SNB-5 USN (3) fatal San Bernardino Mountains, unmarked/burned, David Haller, guide.

  • 10/2/44 Vultee BT-13B USAAF (1) minor San Jacinto Mountains, unmarked, aerial photo mission Chris LeFave, pilot.

  • Date unknown, type unknown, military micro site Mojave Desert.

  • Date unknown McDonnell F3H-2 USN (1) minor El Capitan Mountain area, micro site. Special thanks to guides Billy Ortiz, Dennis Richardson, and Boxey Phoenix of the Barona Tribe. More research needed, may be late 50’s loss.

  • Data withheld to protect military crash site on the Mojave Desert.

  • 8/29/84 Rockwell International B-1A USAF (1) fatal (2) serious Mojave Desert micro site.

  • 10/20/53 Northrop YF-89D USAF (2) fatal Mojave Desert micro site little has changed since first visit in 2000.

  • 5/5/44 Goodyear FG-1A USMC (1) fatal Santa Ana Mountains site re-visit.

  • Date unknown, type unknown, military micro site scattered on Mojave Desert.


  • 5/5/67 Vertol CH-46D USMC (4) fatal site only no wreckage

  • 1/10/10 Cessna C-340 N2217B (2) fatal micro site

  • 3/29/80 McDonnell F-4G 69-7205 (1) fatal (1) m/n micro site revisit

  • Date unknown Grumman F9F details unknown micro site revisit near Cal City

  • 10/20/73 Grumman F8F-2 N148F (1) fatal micro site  

  • 10/19/44 Goodyear FG-1A Bu No 13625 (1) fatal micro site

  • 11/8/82 Cessna T-37B 60-0084 (1) fatal micro site

  • 10/13/55 Boeing B-47B (4) fatal site on wilderness open space no remaining parts observed

  • 10/13/53 Boeing B-47B (3) fatal very micro on open space, but main impact area is developed land

  • 2/5/52 Boeing B-29A (3) fatal (8) serious very micro on open space and developed land

  • 4/23/46 Vought F4U-4 mid-air (1) minor (1) fatal re-visit on wilderness park

  • * 2/8/31 Douglas BT-2B (1) minor micro site found by Chris LeFave*

  • 4/18/48 Vultee BT-13B NC-60506 (2) serious re-visit after 15 years, still 80% plus remaining on site.

  • 9/1/58 Republic F-84F 52-6527 micro site scattered.

  • 5/5/44 Goodyear FG-1A Bu No 13712 (site protection project in cooperation with Orange County Parks Dept.)

  • 10/29/43 B-24E fly-over

  • 12/4/51 C-47D fly-over

  • 12/31/95 C-182B N2569G fly-over

  • Date unknown type unknown fly-over

  • 6/28/64 Beech Model 95 N2055C fly-over

  • 2/20/09 Cessna 172 N6443E fly-over

  • 4/9/57 TF-100C micro site

  • 8/4/81 TA-7C scattered micro site re-visit

  • 4/17/58 FJ-4B widely scattered micro site

  • 11/13/71 Hawker Sea Fury N878M “Miss Merced” very micro

  • 2/15/55 F9F-5 scattered micro site

  • 3/4/44 SNJ-4 micro site re-visit

  • 6/16/76 P-51D N69QF “Miss Susie Q” scattered micro site re-visit

Chris LeFave was pilot for all photo mission flights.
Special thanks to Walt Witherspoon & Ryan Gilmore

  • 11/15/97 Mooney Mk. 20 N52318 micro site

  • 4/14/80 Piper PA 28 N41384 (failed to locate in forest)

  • 1/28/95 Piper PA-28 N9602J (failed to locate in forest)


  • 1/28/41 F7F-3P re-visit and map crash site.

  • 4/23/46 F4U-4 re-visit during for another F4U-4.

  • 12/4/51 C-47D fly over of crash site.

  • 10/29/43 B-24E fly over of crash site.

  • Date unknown Fly over(2)general aviation aircraft wrecks in the San Gabriel Mountains.

  • 5/29/51 Stinson OY-2 Bu No 04011 USMC Santa Ana Mountains

  • 5/5/44   Goodyear FG-1A USMC re-visit Santa Ana Mountains

  • 4/9/43 re-visit AT-7

  • 8/14/43 RP-38E

  • 3/30/66 F9F-8T

  • Date unknown Type unknown, parts only

  • 11/29/59 re-visit Beech 35

  • 3/14/47 P-51D

  • 1940 Type not disclosed

  • 8/12/88 UH-1H search unsuccessful


  • 10/15/46 P-80A micro scattered

  • 6/27/54 KC-97G revisit

  • 1910 Airship crash site on Petrin Hill, Prague Czech Republic. Pilot was supposed to have been Jara Cimrman who stated that the accident occurred because he was talking to a passenger. I got a big surprise at this site in more ways than one.

  • 4/13/44 P-39N 1st search effort unsuccessful.

  • 4/12/51 C-47D discovered by Chris LeFave & Pat J. Macha in very difficult terrain. I flew over the site with Chris and that’s as close as I’m getting.

  • 2/24/58 T-33A USAF revisit

  • 9/25/45 P-38L USAAF revisit (rumors that this site has been removed are not true)

  • 4/24/63 F-104C USAF

  • 7/9/60 F-104C USAF

  • 12/6/74 F-105G USAF (rumors that this site has been removed are not true)

  • All of the above crash sites are east of Hwy 395, SE of Red Mountain, CA.

  • 9/17/42 SNJ-4 USMC Santa Ynez Mountains, CA.

  • 9/20/44 F4U-1 USMC Santa Ynez Mountains, CA.

  • 3/2/78 F-105G USAF Newbury Park, CA.

  • 3/20/99 PA-28-161 Cajon Pass, CA.

  • 12/10/06 Bell 412 Cajon Pass, CA

  • 6/15/58 B-57E W Antelope Valley

  • 4/20/70 F-8H W Antelope Valley

  • 8/25/55 F-100A Victorville area

  • 10/16/52 F-51D re-visit Victorville



  • 10/13/55. Boeing B-47B 51-2231 USAF in hills near March AFB, four fatal, micro site scattered over wide area.

  • 10/19/78. Boeing B-52D 56-0594 USAF four fatal, one survivor. Micro site scattered over several acres NE of Perris, CA.

  • 5/21/09. Northrop T-38A 68-8153 USAF one fatal, one survivor. Micro site, widely scattered east of Cal-City. Thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 11/4/65. Northrop F-5A 63-8376 USAF non-fatal, SW Lone Pine, CA. Failed to locate crash site on first attempt.

  • 3/18/81. Beechcraft TC-45J CG-RJE two fatal near Beatty, NV. 50% plus remaining, burned. Thanks to Joe Idoni.

  • 3/29/90. North American Aviation QF-86F BuNo 8555890 USN fatal. Micro site scattered north of Trona, CA. Thanks to Tom Gossett via Ryan Gilmore.

  • Date unknown. Cessna 150 near Towne Pass in Death Valley National Park. Second visit to site, concentrated, partly burned, 25-30% remaining, unmarked. Possibly early production 150 that crashed prior to 1964, appears to have been a fatal.

  • 11/7/09. Piaseki PV-18/ HUP N183YP three fatal, near Adelanto, CA. Micro site with memorial.

  • Date unknown. North American Aviation F-86F USAF south of Adelanto, CA. Micro site, scattered, fourth visit to site over many years.

  • 1/31/05. Cessna 180 N2882A one fatal near Adelanto, CA. Micro site with memorial. Thanks to Ryan Gilmore.

  • 6/6/84. Piper PA-24 N5306Y one fatal west of Ludlow, CA. Second visit to this micro site.

  • Date unknown. Douglas A-4C USN near Ludlow, CA. First ground visit following fly-over, details being researched.

  • 1/19/45. North American Aviation P-51D44-72122 USAAF one fatal Cajon Pass, CA. Second visit to micro site burned, concentrated, unmarked.

  • 8/14/59. Beechcraft 35 N3846N four fatal Santa Monica Mountains, CA. Micro site overgrown, scattered.

  • 8/5/44 Re-visit USMC FG-1A (fatal) in Santa Ana Mountain foothills.

  • 8/13/43 Re-visit USAAF Beech AT-11 41-27429 (4 fatal). This micro site shows erosion of parts since my first visit in 2004. Site is near Hinkley, CA.

  • 8/4/81 LTV TA-7C USN Bu No 156777 (non-fatal), micro site SE of Cal-City thanks to information provided by Ryan Gilmore.

  • 3/20/45 Lockheed XP-80A 44-83021 USAAF “Grey Ghost” (non-fatal), micro site, visitation thanks to USAF MSgt Tony Accurso.

  • 8/22/51 Bell X-1D 48-1386 USAF (non-fatal), micro site, visitation thanks to USAF MSgt Tony Accurso.

  • 5/9/52 Martin XB-51 46-686 USAF (1 fatal), micro site, visitation thanks to USAF MSgt Tony Accurso.

  • 11/6/61 Kaman HH-43C 58-1849 USAF (non-fatal), micro site, visitation thanks to USAF MSgt Tony Accurso.



  • 10/19/78 B-52D near March AFB micro site, thanks to Ryan Gilmore

  • 1958 Aeronca 7AC SW of Shieldsville, MN. Two fatal in stall spin accident, micro site. Special thanks to Mike Hagerty


  • 6/23/88 Cessna 310 N170R (4) fatal, wreckage removed.

  • 1/11/87. Beech 35 CFHRR on Monrovia Peak one fatal, and wreck not located until 2/14/87. Wreckage visible from the air in heavy undergrowth near top of ridge.

  • 8/5/52. Convair B-36D 49-2661 USAF in Pacific Ocean west of San Diego two fatal. Revisit crash site thanks to Captain Ray Arntz of UB88.ORG and his dive vessel the Sundiver II. The son and grandson of flight engineer Walt Hoffman who bailed out from the stricken plane, but was never found were special guests.

  • 1/17/52 Lockheed F-94A micro site, two crew survive. Thanks to our guide Daniel Perrino for making this visit possible.

  • Date yet to be determined. Cessna 210  in Santa Monica Bay west of Playa Del Rey located during the search for Gertrude Tompkins Silver (On dive boat over wreck)

  • Date unknown. Type of aircraft unknown, possibly a drop tank only, NW of LAX. (On dive boat over wreckage)

  • 10/15/55. Lockheed T-33A 51-9227 USAF two fatal missing until April 2009 when UB88.ORG team located site in Santa Monica Bay. (On vessel over crash site)


  • 3/14/45 Vultee BT-13A 41-22019 USAAF (2) fatal micro site central San Diego County.

  • 1962? Vought F-8 USN northern San Diego County Mountains on private property, widely scattered. Special thanks to Ernie Cowan.

  • 4/3/99 Piper PA-32R N9254Q (4) fatal, San Diego County Mountains micro site.


Thanks to master pilot George Petterson another aerial photography was flown revisiting:

  • 2/25/44 C-46A N. flank of Pallet Mountain

  • 9/30/66 C-119G summit ridge Pallet Mountain

  • 8/13/94 C-130A west of Pallet Mountain

  • Efforts to locate 11/14/46 Western A.A. DC-3 were unsuccessful.

  • Date unknown A-4 NE of Ludlow in mountains scattered, unmarked

  • Date unknown SNJ-5 SW Big Bear Lake partly removed, visible

  • 1/2/42 B-26 on Keller Peak not visible from air, overgrown micro site

  • 2/20/09 C-172 visible, and marked

  • Revisit 8/5/44 F4U-1A in Santa Ana Mountains


  • 1/7/87 Cessna 182 near Essex.

  • 11/29/59 Beechcraft Model 35 near Kelso.

  • 6/6/04 Piper PA-23 east of Newberry Springs.

  • Date unknown Douglas A-4 visible SW of I-40 west of Ludlow.

  • 11/11/50 Beechcraft SNB-5 Bu No 29649 revisit site with two next of kin families.

  • 12/4/03. Wing Aircraft D-1 “Derringer” N8602J west of Rosamond.

  • 1/17/45. Lockheed P-38J  44-23421 NW Lancaster, site only with no parts observed.


  • 10/16/49 Douglas TB-26B 44-34636 USAF SW of Chino.

  • 6/10/43 Consolidated B-24E 42-7119 USAAF near Weed, CA courtesy Bruce Batchelder

  • 12/6/42 Consolidated B-24D 41-24262 USAAF near Stewarts Point, CA courtesy of Don Pedrazzini

  • 1/29/54 Grumman F9F-6 Bu No 128111 East Marin County, CA courtesy of Ranger Matt Cerkel

  • 1945 Grumman F6F USN north of Novato, CA courtesy Ranger Matt Cerkel

  • 1945 Curtiss SB2C USN mid-air near Hayfork, CA courtesy Joel Bishop

  • *11/14/45 Grumman F6F-3 Bu No 25980 USN Shasta National Forest, CA courtesy Bruce Batchelder



  • 8/5/44 USMC Goodyear FG-1A revisit site with Don Jordan.

  • 8/3/60 USMC Chance Vought F-8A Bu No 145405 thanks to Roland Vellanoweth.

  • 1/28/47. USMC Grumman F7F-3P Bu No 80427 Santa Ana Mountains thanks to Bob Pargee. Pilot was USMC WWII Ace Capt. W. J. “Gus” Thomas. 

  • June/July 1944. USN aircraft, possibly SNJ with one fatality Near Lakeside in San Diego, thanks to Dennis Richardson.
    (Special thanks to Craig Fuller for pointing me to a FM-2 north of Lakeside on a similar size mountain.)

  • 1950’s. USN aircraft, type unknown near Lakeside. Thanks to Dennis Richardson

  • Date unknown. USN Vought F-8 Anza Borrego Desert area.

  • Date unknown. USN North American T-28B/C Anza Borrego Desert area.

  • 1964/65. Hughes Model 269 N8812F west of Paso Robles, non-fatal, site only.


  • 7/21/08. Boeing/Vertol CH-46 USMC Santa Ana Mnts. Accidental find by P. J. Macha.

  • 5/9/63. Lockheed T2V-1 Bu No 144149 USMC. My first site visit 5/65, P. J. Macha, Tom Maloney, Pete & Heather Armes returned to find the site undisturbed.

  • 8/5/44. Goodyear FG-1A USMC revisit with Joe Idoni.

  • 5/10/82. McDonnell Douglas A-4M Bu No 160038 USMC Mojave Desert.

  • 6/3/65. McDonnell F-4B Bu No 148395 USN Mojave Desert.

  • 7/13/68. McDonnell F-4D 64-940 USAF Mojave Desert.

  • 1931 Douglas BT-2B crash site viewed from distance.

  • 9/22/43 Bell P-39Q 42-20102 at Chiriaco Summit airfield/site only.

  • 7/24/43 Consolidated B-24E 42-70099 near Blythe (Special thanks to Trey Brandt).

  • 10/4/43 Consolidated B-24E 42-40382 near Blythe (Special thanks to Trey Brandt).

  • * 6/2/84 Piper PA-31 off the Kelbaker Road by Paul and Kathy Hanson.



  • 4/17/68, Douglas A4D-1 USN Anza Borrego Desert.

  • 11/22/69. LTV F-8E Bu No 149212 VF-124 USN Anza Borrego Desert.


  • 8/12/88, Bell/Textron UH-1H U.S. Army Reserve.




  • 7/15/97 Cessna TR-182 at Panamint Springs in D.V.
    Date unknown Cessna 150/172 at Towne Pass in D.V.

  • 10/22/56 NAA JF-100A near Beatty Junction in D.V.

  • 7/1/54 NAA X-10 Mojave Desert.

  • 8/5/44 Goodyear FG-1A Santa Ana Mnts.

  • Date unknown jet drop tank excavated on park land in Orange County, not an aircraft crash site as previously thought.

Aerial survey courtesy of master pilot George Petterson on the following sites;

  • 8/13/94 Lockheed C-130A, 9/30/66 Fairchild C-119G, 2/25/44 Curtiss C-46A, 1/26/56 NAA TB-25N.



  • 7/8/59. Douglas A4D-2 Bu No 14817 USN memorial placement at crash site on Mojave Desert.

  • Date unknown, Vought F-8 USN possibly 1964-67 loss in Wildcat Canyon east of San Diego.

  • 8/5/52. Convair B-36D #49-2661 USAF west of San Diego in Pacific Ocean. (on vessel over wreck site)

  • 2/11/69 Lockheed SP-2E Bu No 131487 USN return with members of pilot’s family.

  • Date unknown, but on the sixth trip to this site Ranger Tom Maloney found Goodyear stamps confirming that this aircraft is an USMC FG-1.

  • 6/5/42 Consolidated LB-30 #AL601 USAAF taken to site by Ranger Matt Cerkel.

  • 10/4/45 Vought F4U-1D Bu No 50391 USN and Goodyear FG-1A Bu No 13888 USN mid-air sites with Ranger Matt Cerkel.

  • 2/15/05 Beechcraft Model 95 N8269D I spotted the crash site on the SE ridge of Mount St. Helena.

  • 3/21/43 Bell P-39N #42-9120 USAAF site visitation with Craig Fuller, Matt Cerkel, and all special thanks to Ranger Gregg Mangan.

  • * 5/4/45 Consolidated PBY-5A Bu No 48416 USN located by Craig Fuller

  • 6/03/01 Piper PA-28-181 N8253W missing until 9/21/08. This site visitation was courtesy Western Helicopter & Aircraft Recovery Service.
    See complete story and pictures.

  • 10/10/62 Lockheed F-104C #56-0920 found by Ryan Gilmore. A curious aspect of this site were, three closely spaced holes dug some time ago within the impact crater.

  • 7/08/59 Douglas A4D-2 Bu No 142817 found by Deke Joralmon the pilot’s son, a memorial plaque is being planned for this site.

  • Revisit 2/08/55 Martin B-57B #52-1494 to find site substantially reduced by persons unknown.

  • 2/26/06 Aero Vochochody L-39 N39DF site located by Kelly Cowan., a memorial is already in place for both crew members.

  • Failed to reach 7/22/58 Cessna L-19A due to unexpected early snowfall.

  • Viewed old Cessna 172/182 wreckage SW of Markleevillle on a steep mountain face that I was unable to reach. More research is required on this site.

  • Returned to 10/3/56 Mc Donnell F3H-2N crash site with pilot Ralph “Skeeter” Carson and two of his VF-124 comrades Larry Swartz, Roger Burnell. Thanks again to the continued good efforts of Dennis Richardson.

  • Two unsuccessful search efforts for USMC Douglas SBD-5 Bu No 29029 that crashed ca 1944 in southern Orange County.

  • * Date unknown. Grumman TBF Avenger located in the Pacific Ocean near South Laguna Beach, CA by Dan Catalano and his son in  35’ of water.


  • Revisit F-86D triple mid-air site one 11/18/54
    F-86D site two (found by Cindy Macha-Skjonsby & Tim Baggerly)

  • F-86D site three (found by Tim Baggerly)
    Revisit Lockheed SP-2E USN 2/11/69 with next of kin to place small memorial container on wreckage with USFS approval

  • Revisit Beechcraft SNB-5 USMC11/21/50 to place memorial container on wreckage on behalf of next of kin with USFS approval


  • Two return visits to F4U (date unknown) in effort to I.D. manufacturer Vought, Goodyear or Brewster. Craig Fuller of AAIR assisted in the second visitation and he may have helped to solve this case.

  • 7/8/81 Fairchild C-119 N13742 Tanker 88 and 2/2704 Piper PA-28R-180 N76871. Both of these sites were reached on 6/28/08 thanks to the coordinating efforts of Marc Mc Donald, and expert 4x4 drivers Bill Elsenbaumer and Jason McIlhaney. Stories will be posted soon.


  • Lockheed SR-71A 12/20/69

  • (2) McDonnell F-4E mid-air 7/26/90

  • Curtiss P-40N 1/25/44

  • Revisit Consolidated B-24J & B-24D mid-air 9/1/44

  • Beechcraft M35 1/25/88

  • Lockheed C-130A 6/17/02

  • Possible Douglas AD Skyraider USMC crash date unknown

  • TF-51D 4/25/50 (found by Chris LeFave)

  • F-100D Date unknown (found by Chris LeFave)


  • * F-86A’s mid-air 9/4/56 (found by Matt Maxon)

  • McDonnell AV-8B 9/27/94

  • Revisit Grumman F7F-1 4/29/46

  • Piper PA-28 11/19/67 viewed from distance

  • Beech M-35 6/7/86

  • Lockheed C-130A 6/17/02


  • B-24D & B-24J USAAF mid-air 8/1/44

  • P-51D USAAF 1/19/45

  • F-51D USAF10/16/52

  • * F-86A USAF 3/16/57 found by Matt Maxon 


  • Revisit Lockheed SP-2E USNR 2/11/69

  • Douglas C-118 USAF site and memorial 2/1/58




TB-25N USAF 1/26/56 fly over


F-86F USAF 3/29/54
A-4A USMC date unknown
F9F-6 USN 5/18/56


F4U-1D USMC date unknown
CH-46E USMC 2/12/87 


A-7E USN 2/12/75
QF-86F USN 1970’s
BOM-34A USN date unknown
A-7E USN date unknown
A-7E USN date unknown
A-7C USN date unknown
QF6F-5 USN date unknown 


Revisit C-135A USAF 6/25/67
Revisit SNB-5 USMC 11/21/50 


BE-95 civilian 6/7/64
B-12A USAAC 5/28/35 


C-135A USAF 6/25/65
(2) F4U-4 USMC mid-air 1/14/48


Helicopter USMC type unknown
F4U-1D USN 8/10/45


(2) P-38L mid-air 2/15/45
AT-7 USAAF 4/9/42
F4U-4 USN 2/24/47 


No entry


YF-4E USAF 10/16/72


F3D-2 USMC date unknown


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