Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Picture Archive 7

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Wayne Kratzer photographed this propeller and hub assembly at the Isthmus of Catalina in July 0f 2007. Iím not sure what wreck this is associated with, but it may be from a Vought F4U-1D or a TBM-3 that crashed on the island in the 1940ís. ( All photos courtesy Wayne Kratzer )

Widely scattered wreckage of McDonnell F-4B USN Bu No 148395 north of I-40 where both airmen  perished during a simulated low level attack mission on

Note part with prefix number 32- and glass marble from the oxygen check valve.

Chris LeFave walks among the often visited wreckage of McDonnell Douglas A-4M USMC Bu No 160038 assigned to VMA-311 that crashed following  successful pilot ejection on 5/10/82. Wreck is located south of I-40 in the lava beds. Contrary to recent stories this site has not been salvaged, though some may have tried to. Photo date 4/30/09.

Chris LeFave holds a section of rudder from Bu No 160038.

Wing section from McDonnell F-4D 64-940 USAF north of I-40 on the Mojave Desert. Ferry flight in which pilot ejected O.K. following in-flight malfunction, no R/O was on board. Crash date 7/13/68. Photo taken 4/09.


Tail of USN LTV F-8E Crusader Bu No 149212 assigned to VF-124 lost in mid-air with USMC F-4 that crashed in eastern San Diego County, 11/22/69.

Horizontal stabilizer of USN Reserve Sq. 773 Douglas A4D-1 (A-4A) that crashed in eastern San Diego County, 4/17/68 following successful pilot ejection.


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