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What Project Remembrance can mean to next of kin!

Project Remembrance Team

The Project Remembrance Team is a volunteer organization dedicated to facilitate requests of next of kin who wish to learn more about the loss of loved ones in aircraft accidents, including crash site visitations, and the placing of memorials where legal to do so.

 In the past twenty-five years the Project Remembrance Team has assisted more than one hundred next of kin fulfill their wishes for accident reports, maps, photographs, and crash site visitations. On one occasion where a crash site could not be safely reached on foot a flyover was arranged. More than a dozen memorial markers have been placed at, or near crash sites, all with the permission of the property owners, be they private, state, or federal.

All missions are completed with respect and admiration for those who have come forth to honor the memory for those whom they have loved and lost. Losses suffered by our first responders, and members of our armed forces receive an appropriate extra measure of attention.

Project Remembrance founder, and SoCal Team Leader.

G. Pat Macha

Project Remembrance Team Members (land based)

Ryan Gilmore
Chris LeFave
G. Pat Macha
Mary Jane Macha
Pat J. Macha
Tom Maloney
Marc McDonald
Dave Mihalik
Dennis Richardson
John Walker
Tony Accurso
Evelyn Accurso
David Lane
Pete & Heather Armes
Dan & Leslie Catalano
Steve Lawson
David Trojan
Matt Cerkel
James Lievers
Don Tayenaka
Rob Kilian


Eastern California/Arizona Affiliate

Trey Brandt
Mike Herbert
Jim Fusco
Craig Fuller/AAIR
UB88.ORG (undersea)

Ray Arntz
Gary Fabian
Kyaa Heller
G. Pat Macha
Kendall Raine
John Walker

Pacific Northwest Project Remembrance Team

Jason Watt
Dave Schwarz
John Wirt
Jeff Blackmon
John Craycraft
Evelyn Craycraft
Joe Craycraft
Dave McCurry
Vicki McCurry
Don Hinton
Dave Trojan
Sam Parker
Jerry Bowen
Jim Ward


See Arizona Aircraft Archaeology for more information on Trey’s site.

On the front page, Project Remembrance missions/stories are identified with a green PR.

Aircraft Wrecks Sites with Project Remembrance Visitations

  Story Archives

B-29A 2/5/52 (not yet posted)
B-36D   8/5/52
B-47B   10/13/55
F3H-2N   10/3/56
F4U-4   4/23/46
SNB-4   1/9/55


Monument Sites

A4D-2   7/8/59
B-24E   7/5/43
B-25D WASP   10/2/44
Beechcraft 95
FJ-4   3/27/61
SNB-5   11/18/50


  Veterans Section

SP-2E   2/11/69




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