Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Honoring our Veterans of the skies who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Veteran's Photos
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2nd Lt. Fred Wright Seaman, USAAF was killed in the crash of his BT-13A 41-22056 on 1/6/44 near his airbase at Gardner Field east of Taft, CA. while instructing a student pilot in stall and spin recoveries. The student pilot, A/C Paul Nolan was able to successfully bailout at the last moment from the spinning BT-13A which crashed and exploded. 2nd Lt. Seaman holds his younger brother on his shoulder in a photo taken on visit home in September 1943.
( Photo is courtesy of 2nd Lt. Seamanís niece, Stacy Swenson )


Ensign Henry "Hank" Harding, Jr. kneels in front of his USN Beechcraft T-34B primary/basic trainer. On 3/27/61 Lt. JG Henry Harding, Jr. would lose his life in a crash of his FJ-4 on rugged Otay Mountain.
(Photo courtesy Marc Harding)

FJ-4 story
Project Remembrance

Beechcraft AT-11 #41-9497 was flown by USAAF 2ndLt Clarence D. Lambert, shown here shortly before he crashed into the rugged Santa Ynez Mountains north of Santa Barbara, Ca. on 1/30/44 with fatal result for himself and his crew. (Photo courtesy Marc McDonald)

Aviation Cadet Rex C. Corder prepares to board his USAAF Boeing/Stearman PT-17 in 1944. (Photo courtesy of the Corder Family)

Beechcraft 95 story
Project Remembrance

2nd Lt. Pat L. Montgomery upon earning his wings in July, 1944. In less than two months he would join the ranks of more than 35,000 airmen and women who would lose their lives while flying in and around the continental United States during the Second World War.

TP-39N story

Betty Jane Williams died on 12/8/08 following complications related to a massive stroke she suffered on 11/12/08. She will be well remembered and much beloved for her service to our Nation both as a WWII WASP pilot and as a Lt. Col. USAFR (Ret.). The above photo was taken on 11/11/08 when Betty Jane was the keynote speaker at a Veterans Day ceremony honoring missing WASP pilot Gertrude Tompkins Silver. Betty Jane Williams is center in the photo with fellow WASP Ty Killen, left, and Violet Cowden on the right. Godspeed Betty Jane as you fly your P-40 over St. Peterís gates. (Pat J. Macha photo)

Betty Jane Williams dies at 89; WASP test pilot during WWII
LATimes obituary

Captain Calvin K. Vermillion USMC on the left stands next to his brother 2nd Lt. Ken Vermillion USMC.

FG-1A story

Marie Michell Robinson lost her life in service to our Nation on 10/2/44.
We remember her and her crewmates, and we honor their sacrifice.

B-25 & WASP story
Project Remembrance

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