Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

Veteran's Photos
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USAAF Flight Officer George F. Churchwell Jr. who died in the 6/10/43 crash of B-24E 42-7119 near Weed, CA. (Photo courtesy Churchwell family via Bruce Batchelder)

California Army National Guard pilot Lt. Raymond S. Price, though not in uniform, strikes a dramatic pose. Lt. Price lost his life on 4/15/61 in the crash of a Cessna L-19A in the rugged mountains of Ventura County north of Fillmore. (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Price via Marc McDonald)

L-19A Story

The memorial marker honoring U.S. Navy Commander DeForest Joralmon.

U.S. Navy Commander DeForest Joralmon, CO of VA-155 lost his life in the crash of Douglas A4D-2 Bu No  142817 on 7/8/59 in the Mojave Desert.

A4D-2 story
Project Remembrance

USAAF F/O Ray Schwartz, Jr. in his dress uniform shortly before his death on 6/26/44 while flying Vultee BT-13A 41-11444 near Wrightwood, CA. (Photo courtesy Bill DeBolt)

USAAF F/O Ray Schwartz, Jr. wearing his winter flight gear. Both he and F/O Arthur S. Sears were killed on 6/26/44 during a routine training mission west of Wrightwood, CA. while flying a Vultee BT-13A based at Victorville AAB. (Photo courtesy Bill DeBolt)

Aviation Cadet Billie Lee appears handsome in his uniform in these photos provided by his son Jerry Lee and granddaughter Lisa Velte.
On 2/5/52 Lt. Lee was one of two trainee pilots on Boeing B-29A 44-61867 as it approached March AFB during a two engine out simulation.
Tragically the B-29A crashed several miles short of the runway killing Lt. Lee, IP C. W. Catchel, and T/Sgt W.S. Bradley. Eight other crewmen suffered serious injuries, and the B-29A was completely destroyed.

Project Remembrance

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