Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West

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T/Sgt. Harvey Cook was killed on 1/30/45 near Victorville, CA following a distinguished combat career in the India, China, Burma Theatre of Operations. (Photo Courtesy Loretta Kreft)

B-24L story

Lt. John R. Borum USNR was killed in a mid-air collision near Ojai, in Ventura County, CA on 8/29/45. The details of this accident are being researched now, but any assistance would be appreciated. The other aircraft involved in the collision landed safely. (Photo courtesy Marc McDonald)

2nd Lt. Lyons K. Wilcox USMC was killed on 1/30/43 in the crash of his North American SNJ-3 Bu No 26456 en route from North Island NAS to USMCAS Santa Barbara. The accident occurred in bad weather and the wreckage remained undiscovered until 3/27/45, in the rugged mountains of Ventura County.
(Photo courtesy of Marc McDonald)

Aviation Cadet Rex R Phillips, circa 1943 standing in front of his USAAF Stearman PT-17. On 8/1/44 he was co-pilot on B-24D #42-72862 that mid-aired at 20,000’ over Death Valley, CA. with B-24J #42-78532 killing all seventeen crewmen on both aircraft with only one survivor. Expanded story to be posted soon.
(Photo courtesy Judy Beal)

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Project Remembrance

Women’s Air Force Service Pilot Gertrude V. “Tommy” Tompkins Silver missing following take-off from what is now LAX on 10/26/44 in USAAF North American Aviation P-51D “Mustang” serial number 44-15669.  (Photo courtesy Whittall-Scherefee Family)

Ensign Edwin L. Bettinger USNR, TBM pilot killed on 9/4/45 in the mid-air with another Grumman TBM over Ventura County.
(Photo courtesy Marc McDonald)

2nd Lt. Floyd P. Hart USAAF co-pilot on Consolidated B-24E # 42-7160 that crashed on San Miguel Island 7/5/43. (Photo courtesy Mark McDonald)

1st Lt. Douglas Thornburg was the Command Pilot aboard B-24E #42-7160 that crashed on San Miguel Island 7/5/43. (Photo courtesy Marc McDonald)

B-24E story
Project Remembrance

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